All Praise is due to Allāh, there is no god but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting [3:2]. And Peace and Blessings be upon His Servant and Messenger, our Master Muĥammad.

This blog will insha'Allāh be of use to the dutch crowd seeking some clarifications on the issues of the madhahib and bid`ah and the like. Providing Dutch translations of the sayings of greats such as Imām Nawawi, Imām ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, Imām ibn Hajar al-`Asqalāni and their likes. 

And… it will serve as a regular blog for your regular nonsense.


One Response to “Bismillāh”

  1. Umm_Omar Says:

    As Salamu alaykum wa rahmathullah,

    Firstly I ask forgiveness if this post/comment offends you/concept of ur website. I am a muslimah who has been

    accepted to IlmSummit 2009 and in desperate need of financial aid. Pl help me either by supporting financially

    /spreading the word insha Allah. Pls visit– for sadaqa -e jariya insha ALlah. I
    pray that Allah make it easy and beneficial for all the Ummah bi’idhnillah. Jazakumullah Khayr.

    wa Salam,
    Sister in Islam

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